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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career With HB Rehab

HB Rehab is a well-established, well-respected, professional Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy provider, servicing Newcastle and the surrounding Hunter region. This family owned business has grown rapidly over the years, comprising a team of highly experienced therapists.

What do we offer?

Support Network

We offer substantial support from our administration team and practice manager to ensure each day runs smoothly.

Clinical Supervision and Case Discussion

Weekly team meetings offer the opportunity for case discussion with other experienced clinicians willing to share their knowledge and skills.

Professional Development

We believe that the best therapists are those that keep learning so we offer access to unlimited ongoing professional development to all our staff.

Team Days

The most amazing part about being a therapist is the people we work with. Regular team catch ups allow us to get to know one another better and ensure we are all aligned in our goals and values.

8 reasons you should work with us:

  1. Each therapist is provided with their own desk space and a vast range of resources to ensure you are equiped to get the best outcomes for your clients.

  2. Our supportive practice manager and administration team help you manage your day and take care of your calendar, allowing you to do what you are most passionate about.

  3. You will be part of a wonderfully supportive team of experienced clinicians willing to share knowledge and skills and look after one other. Our on-boarding program offers engagement in joint therapy sessions, complex case discussions, and continued personal development.

  4. We have simple processes and established procedures in place designed to make your work-life balance real. A user-friendly, online platform guides you through the early days of working at HB Rehab.

  5. Flexibility at HB Rehab is key. You manage your own day and if that means sometimes working from home then that’s fine with us. You also have the ability to accrue and take time in lieu further prompting the optimal work life balance we all seek.

  6. All of our therapists are employees which means that you are provided with a stable income and set hours that are negotiated when you start and reviewed regularly. It also means that we look after your tax and superannuation.

  7. Our clients are a mix of in clinic and at home/school which may mean you are driving part of your day. All travel expenses are reimbursed with a capped travel distance to make sure you are doing what you love majority of your day.

  8. It is always enjoyable working at HB Rehab! We value being part of a team that is making a difference in the world and have lots of lively discussions around what we are passionate about.

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